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03 February 2010 @ 03:08 am
Tipsheet: Green Gift Giving (w/ Links & Descriptions)  

Finding the perfect gift can be next to impossible. Some special occasions call for an equally special gift. Here are 5 useful, appealing & eco-friendly gifts that are sure to please.

Starter Kit for Change - a super cool, eco-friendly, gift that keeps on giving. Packed full of green goodies that includes a recycled, reusable tote bag, an arbor day tree seedling, fair trade hot chocolate, a treeless journal, sudoku booklet,compact fluorescent light bulb, gratitude cards, and an envelope to help end hunger. ($40)

Ideal Bite Biter for Life Kit - a Biter Bag made of biodegradable but durable jute, this bag will tote your groceries, gym clothes, or even a 12-pack of organic beer without adding to the over 4 billion plastic bags that end as litter per year, 2 Biter Bottles you'll receive each of our new, sassy signature "Just the Facts, Ma'am" and "Vine-o-licious" designs. These bottles feature a top quality aluminum body with a non-toxic, non-leaching, BPA-free lining, a Biter Coffee Mug so you don't need to cut the coffee, just ditch the disposable cup. Make the change in style with this stainless steel French-press Biter Mug, which features a secret compartment, Beantrees French Roast Organic Coffee to fill your new Biter Mug with goodness. This joe is fair-trade, organic and a favorite around the Biter offices (12 oz), Biter Wine Tote to carry or gift your favorite organic sauce with the jute Biter Wine Tote. Not only is this tote way cuter than those brown paper bags from the liquor store, they even have a handle made from vegetable fibers!, Liquid Planet Organic Vanilla Syrup, a 100% preservative-free, organic syrup is perfect for doctoring your morning cup of Beantrees (25.4 fl oz) & a Biter Beeswax Candle, a long-lasting, handcrafted, 100% beeswax aromatherapy sesh. These luminaries are light green in color and have a refreshing lemongrass and grapefruit scent. Comes in a refillable beehive-shaped glass and the outer packaging doubles as a pencil holder! (6 oz). ($99)

Zola Goods Starter Kit - each year this kit could save you $275 as well as 2580 lbs of carbon emissions from the atmosphere, and 25,000 gallons of water. The kit includes 3 MaxLite Premium Mini Bulbs, an Earth Massage 1.5 GPM Showerhead with Soak & Soap On/Off Valve, a Smart Strip SCG4 with outlets & a pack of 2 Nellie's Dryer Balls. ($98)

Eco-Me Cat Kit - pets are exposed to chemicals the same way humans are, through ingestion, dermal contact and inhalation.
Use natural products and keep your loved ones safe and healthy. Make your own natural Flea and Bug spray, Litter Freshener and Cat treats (we give you 3 recipes)
plus organic catnip and natural pillow. The kit includes 1 jar & lid to mix Eco-Me Cat Litter Freshener, 1 jar & lid to store Eco-Me Cat Treats with 3 recipes, 1 bottle & sprayer to mix, Eco-Me Cat Flea & Bug Spray, 1 bottle of Eco-Me Cat blend essential oil mix, 1 mixer, 1 scooper, 1 Bag of Organic Catnip (up to 3 uses), 0.5 oz & 1 Natural Burlap Cat pillow. Dog Kit also available. ($28)

Green Office Green Student Kits - outfits students of all ages with supplies such as recycled folders, eco-friendly notebooks and sustainable-wood pencils; three versions based on grade, as well as a version designed for teachers. ($17-$50)

If you really want to give an environmentally friendly gift, with benefits such as less waste: We already throw away about 25% more waste during the holidays, so less wrapping paper and ribbons is often a good thing, less clutter: Closet space can be precious, so go for something that doesn't take up any room & gifts that keep on giving: A facial at an eco-spa beats another blender for sure, plus it supports green business practices! Here are 4 experience gifts that can really say something.

SpaFinder - everyone loves a massage; get a gift certificate accepted at over 4,500 participating eco-spas around the globe. ($50 and up)

Conservation International Season's Greenings - give the gift of helping save lemurs, sea turtles, the rainforest, and many other endangered species & environments. ($20 and up)

GreenDimes - purchase a gift certificate to reduce your friend's junk mail so that instead of sorting and shredding, they can do something fun. With GreenDimes, you can stop up to 90% of your junk mail - guaranteed. With GreenDimes, you'll make the world a better place by saving paper. They can help you go farther: new for Premium members, they'll plant 5 trees on your behalf. It's like growing your own tiny forest, in exchange for all your junk mail.($0 and up).

Friends of the Zoo Membership - in today’s economy, what better way for you to save money than to join Friends of the Zoo for one low price and visit free all year long? Check with your local zoo or check the list I provided to see if it participates in this wonderful program. The membership includes free or discounted admission to over 100 reciprocal zoos and aquariums across the country for an entire year as well as free admission to your local zoo. There are other benefits included that vary by location including free or discounted parking, a percentage off of gift store purchases & invitations to "friend's only" events throughout the year.

Source: Ideal Bite 2008